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Isotope Workshop XV

Venue: Lublin, Poland
Date: 23 - 27 June, 2019

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ESIR - European Society for Isotope Research - is the association of scientists engaged in isotope research, focused primarily on Central and Eastern Europe, but is open to all interested parties from around the world.
Isotopic studies of interest to ESIR include various aspects and applications of natural distribution of stable and radioactive isotopes, such as isotopes in geochemical processes, geosciences, oceanography and meteorology, applications of isotopes in industry, mining, forensics, and various other areas, as well as the development of methods and measurement techniques.

According to the Society Statute, ESIR promotes the exchange of ideas and results of isotope research with the emphasis to isotope geochemistry by organizing regular workshops on biannual basis.
Isotope Workshops take place always in Europe with special care to minimize participation costs.

Scope of the Workshops include:

Isotopes in Geology, Earth Sciences and Paleoclimatology

Isotopic Signatures in Ecological and Environmental Studies

Isotopes in Hydrology and Geochemistry

Methodological and Technical Advances in Isotope Studies

Industrial applications of isotopes: energy, mining, forensics