The history of the ESIR starts in 1990, when during International Isotope Meeting "Three Isotopic Days" (Poland) Mariusz O. Jędrysek proposed establishment of a scientific isotope society with the aim to organize workshops on biannual basis.

The "Isotope Workshop I" was organized under the auspices of the Isotope Section of the Mineralogical Society of Poland by Stanislaw Halas and Mariusz O. Jędrysek in Lublin (Poland) in May, 1992. Over 50 participants attended the meeting; with the great majority of participants from Poland, but also from Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Slovenia and Ukraine. During the Workshop participants took the decision to reorganize Isotope Section of the Mineralogical Society of Poland and to register it in accordance to accepted goals, under the name of the International Isotope Society (IIS) by a proper court in Wroclaw (Poland). As the main aim of the new Society promotion of scientific cooperation in geochemistry was indicated. It was also agreed that the Society is to be focused in Middle Europe, the Society is open to members from anywhere in the world.

Fifteen ESIR workshops took place so far in various countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the last one in Lublin, Poland from 23 to 27 June 2019, where new ESIR leadership was elected.


Isotope Workshop XV 2019, Lublin, POLAND

Isotope Workshop XIV 2017, Băile Govora, ROMANIA

Isotope Workshop XIII 2015, Zadar, CROATIA

Isotope Workshop XII 2013, Freiberg, GERMANY

Isotope Workshop XI 2011, Budapest, HUNGARY

Isotope Workshop X 2009, Złotniki Lubańskie, POLAND

Isotope Workshop IX 2007, Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA

Isotope Workshop VIII, 2005 Leipzig, GERMANY

Isotope Workshop VII 2004 Seggauberg, AUSTRIA

Isotope Workshop VI 2002 Tallinn, ESTONIA

Isotope Workshop V 2000, Kraków, POLAND

Isotope Workshop IV 1998, Portorož, SLOVENIA

Isotope Workshop III 1996, Budapest, HUNGARY

Isotope Workshop II 1994, Książ, POLAND

Isotope Workshop I 1992, Lublin, POLAND

Three Isotopic Days 1990, Lasocin, POLAND